Identity Theft Prevention – YOU ARE VULNERABLE!

Tuesday May 14, 2013 — 1:00 PM
Location: Room 5
Key learning points:
  • Understanding where the threats come from.
  • Know when your ID is compromised
  • Understand the steps to take if you are a vicitim
Level: Intermediate

Identity Theft has been the number one crime in the US since 2006. The methods of gaining access to personal finance and health information are increasing monthly. ID Theft complaints are up 81% since 2000. In 2010 over 15 people reported ID’ stolen or misused. In 2011 fraud was up 13%. LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Facebook users had the highest incidence of fraud. A crime is committed and YOU are arrested. 12% of victims have had warrants issued in their name.

As a victim myself I can attest to how, why, when and where this can happen. If your employee’s are concerned about their situation, how much are they focusing on their jobs?

This presentation is updated quarterly and when you walk away each individual will be provided the tools and knowledge on what to do. How to avoid being ‘taken in’ by scam’s, social engineering and react to what you do if it does occur, to include contact information for various agencies. This will help employee’s not only protect their information but also assist in preventing them from sharing your company information with unauthorized people.

About Kelley Archer

– Over 23 years experience in IT Security Field
– Certified Information Security Representative – CISSR, sponsored by the CIA
– Public speaker on various topics to include: ID Theft Prevention; Developing Security Education, Awareness and Training Programs; Principals of Information Security.
– Published articles on Ethics in Information Security in ISSA Journal
– Minnesota ISSA Board member since 1998, past President, Vice President, Program Director and currently Executive Advisor
– Recognized Distinguished Fellow by ISSA International, 2012
– Recognized Fellow by ISSA International, 2010
– Security Professional of the Year in Upper Midwest – 2007
– Co-founder of Secure360
– Certified Instructor, US Government
– Adjunct Instructor – Century College, ‘Principals of Information Security’ for CISSP Exam Preparation.
– Member of ISSA International Ethics Committee
– Security Education Awareness Group Lead – ISSA International