Suspicion Indicators Recognition & Assessment

Wednesday May 15, 2013 — 1:15 PM
Location: Room 5
Key learning points:
  • Perpetrators Modus Operandi
  • Pre-Incident Indicators
  • Prinicples of Secuity Interviewing
Level: Advanced

Through the analysis of past acts of violence it has become obvious that perpetrators have different motives, attacks take place at different places, at different times, on different targets, utilizing different weapons, with only one common element: the intent. The greatest probability for detecting a planned attack is, therefore, to focus on identifying intent.
This presentation covers an innovative BEHAVIOR DETECTION and SECURITY INTERVIEWING program founded on methods developed by the Israeli Security Agency, and focused on identifying both intent and potential weaponry, to enhance security & law enforcement agencies ability to prevent violent acts.

About Michael Rozin

Michael Rozin served in a specialized infantry unit in the Israeli Defense Forces. After the military service Michael completed the Advanced Security and Anti-Terrorism Training at Israeli Security Academy under the oversight of the Israeli Security Agency and joined the Israeli Airport Authority where he worked as a security agent for Ben-Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv. In the United States, Michael Rozin was employed by Mall of America (MOA) as the Special Operations Security Captain. In this capacity he has developed and managed a behavior detection unit and variety of additional innovative proactive security programs. Michael is the founder Rozin Security Consulting LLC (RSC). RSC specializes in conducting holistic risk assessments, training law enforcement and security personnel to utilize Suspicion Indicators Recognition & Assessment (SIRA™) system. Michael Rozin is a graduate of the Institute for Counter-Terrorism in Hertzliya, Israel.